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National Security, Foreign Policy, and Defense

National Security, Foreign Policy, and Defense:

My contract with the United States Army may have expired, but my Oath did not. 

 America needs to protect against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and domestic.  Sometimes the best way to do this – is by taking the fight to the enemy.  That is not always the case.  When The President and Congress send U.S. troops into combat, it should be done thoughtfully, carefully, for the right reasons, and with the right tools to ensure they have the best chance to come home to their loved ones.

 My mind was awakened 7 days into my first deployment to Iraq , when my unit lost 5 of its approximately 140 soldiers.  These brave men and their family members paid the ultimate price for all of us.

 America First is not a punchline.  We have the duty to protect American citizens from a myriad of dangers.  No threat to American security and way of life shall be tolerated.

 The illegal migration from Central America and Mexico is a threat.  The unvetted arrival of persons from not just Central American countries and Mexico, but from far away countries like China – is an immense security threat.  We owe it to the men and women who are tasked with protecting our borders, to provide them with every tool and resource they request; within reason and fiscal capabilities.

 Russian meddling is a threat to American democracy.  Russian interference should not be accepted in any way, shape or form.  We must stand firm against their agenda, and not turn a blind eye to they’re nefarious ways.

 North Korea cannot be tolerated as a belligerent rogue regime for much longer. We must stand behind the president as he builds a relationship with North Korea. However, we should be exceptionally wary of the potential for North Korea to abandon communication and civility. North Korea does not have the stability and sense of reason to be allowed the development of nuclear warheads.

 We need to follow the president’s lead in rebuilding the U.S. military. I have seen first-hand the toll that 17 years of warfare has taken on our soldiers, sailors, and airmen. Our ships are barely operational and the ones that are deployed are colliding and running aground. We need policy changes, and strong leadership to set us back on the right course. We need better cyber defenses, and we need to do better at keeping talented people in the military. We need to invest in new technology to maintain our edge, as China and Russia quickly catch up.

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